Switching Devices and Switchgear – Basics and Application (code: 9CA4130-0ME00-0NG2)

Training Objectives
The participants will be familiarized with functions and selection criteria of medium-voltage devices. Medium-voltage switchgear familiarization with standards, types and planning criteria.

Target Group
Technical staff involved in sales and project planning, for power distribution systems up to 36 kV.

Medium-voltage switching devices:
– Design Function, fundamental characteristics
– Selection criteria
– Switching duties
– Medium-voltage switchgear installations
– Planning of switchgear
– Busbar systems
– Building specifications
– Personnel safety
– Switchgear types
– Circuit-breaker switchgear
– Load-break switchgear
– Voltage detecting systems
– Handling of SF6 Gas
– Connection and termination systems
– Safety accessories

3 days

Basic technical knowledge