SIPROTEC 4 – Application and Exercises (9CA4140-0SE-NG-DF1)

Training Objectives
The Participants will become familiar with the concept and principle of operation of the digital network protection systems SIPROTECT 4.

Target Group
Power system protection experts, who have been assigned to plan, commission and maintain digital protection systems.

– General properties of SIPROTEC 4
– Operation of protection relays with DIGSI 4
– Distance protection 7SA
– Transformer differential protection 7UT
– Differential protection 7SD
– Busbar protection 7SS
– SIPROTEC hardware
– Hardware, jumpers, interfaces, electrostatic sensitive devices, firmware.
– Motor protection

5 days

Basic knowledge of power system protection. Course “Protection Technology – Principles (PR-PRIN)” or comparable knowledge. Course “DIGSI 4 – Basics (DIGSI 4 – B)” or comparable knowledge.