GIT D9 – SmartPlant Instrumentation Installation ( InTools) Set Up, Configuration & Administration

This course is designed for IT specialists and support personnel who are responsible for installation and system administration of SmartPlant Instrumentation. The Installation and Administration Training course provides instruction on database installation and setup, as well as a guide to the sections of the Administration module enabling customers to setup configure, and start using the SmartPlant Instrumentation software in a production environment.

Topics Covered:

  •       SPI System Installation Overview
  •       SPI Database Entities (per instance)
    • Administrative Schema (IN_DBAMN)
    • Domain Schema (DOMAIN_NAME)
    • Installation and Configuration on Oracle
    • Oracle Listener Verification / Creation
    • Database Instance Creation
    • Database Alias Creation
  •       Installation and Configuration on MS-SQL
  •       Intergraph Software Installation

o   SPLM Installation

o   SPLM Configuration

o   SPI Installation

  •       Database Preparation – DBSetup utility
  •       Domain Initialization
  •       SPI Backups
  •       Back Up a Domain
  •       System Administrator Topics

o   Domain Definition

o   Department and User Management

o   Security Options

o   Database Maintenance options

  •       Domain Administrator Topics
    • PAU Structure
    • Naming Conventions
    • Groups and Access Rights
    • Access Rights
    • Additional Activities
  •       Internal Setup Utility


  •       Familiarity with Microsoft Windows environment and applications
  •       Familiarity with relational database concepts