GIT A2 – PLC Programming and Operations Using Allen Bradley

Personnel involved in design, installation, operation & maintenance of Monitoring, Automation and control systems Among others, you will cover: Using Allen Bradley PLCs

  • Introduction to PLC hardware
    • Power supply unit
    •  Central processing unit
    • Modules: Input and output modules & Special modules and peripheral device
    • Memory
  • PLC operation modes and cycle
  • I/O Addressing technique: Addressing and Device Number Systems
  • PLC Setup and configuration
  • Introduction to PLC programming languages
  • LAD, STL & FBD and SFC; Introduction to IEC 1131 standard
  • Creating and configuring a project
  • Programming structure and basic instructions Use of Timers & Counters & Special Functions and Blocks
  • Connecting PLC with field devices
  • Uploading and downloading
  • Diagnosing faults using software and hardware (machine) diagrams
  • Hand-on practical exercises & simulations