ETAP 114 – Power Systems Engineering Using ETAP

This hands-on workshop provides the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary to become proficient in ETAP to conduct power system studies, from modeling to analysis. The purpose of this workshop is to develop a thorough understanding of ETAP’s capabilities and analytical techniques to solve a variety of practical problems. An ETAP computer workstation is provided for each attendee.

ETAP is the leading software used by Electrical engineers for modeling of Electrical equipments in power plants, FPSOs, Transmission and Distribution stations to name a few. Being the leading software in the industry, knowledge of ETAP has become a SKILL for Electrical engineers of today. Comprehensive course notes will be provided with practical hands on examples. Students will be issued a certificate at the end of the training.


This workshop is tailored for both intermediate and advanced electrical engineers.


Basic knowledge of Electrical principles, symbols and equipment’s

Among others, you will cover:

  • Development of Single Line Diagrams, Libraries, Project Data Management,
  • Cable Sizing, Templates
  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit (IEC and ANSI)
  • Motor Acceleration
  • Transient Stability
  • Protective Device Coordination and Selectivity
  • Ground Grid Systems
  • Underground Raceway Systems
  • ArcFlash Analysis
  • Other modules based on attendees request and time permitting


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Build system single line diagrams using IEC standards and ANSI standards.
Interpret and analyze Electrical study reports such as Load Flow report, Short Circuit report etc.
Size protective devices; understand the principle of electrical protection and Transient Stability.
Read and interpret TCC curves, Understand Arc Flash analysis, and recent IEEE and IEC regulations.