SIPROTEC 4 – Protection Devices for Service Engineers

Training objectives:
This course is structured to equip participants with a deep understanding of the nature of numerical protection devices. They will understand the meaning of bountiful settings and how to analyze malfunctions and know remedies thereof.

– Principles and virtues of numerical protection devices
– Hardware of numerical protection and settings thereof
– Operating and analysis software DIGSI 4.87 by the scenario:
– Planning department act 1 and 2
– Commissioning department
– Maintenance department
– Multiple CFC exercises
– Numerical protection: The duty tests
– Exercises accordingly and more with: O/C protection 7SJ6
– Distance protection 7SA52 or 7SA61
– Transformer differential protection 7UT612 or 7UT613
– Cable and line differential protection 7SD52 or 7SD610
– Busbar differential protection 7SS52 or 7SS60
– Quality assurance / repair forms

5 days

Target Group
Engineers of power supply utilities and industry who deal with the planning, configuration, commissioning, maintenance and operation of numeric protection systems.

Basic knowledge of protection technology.