DIGSI 4 – Basic (code: 9CA4140-0SE00-0NG1)

Training Objectives
This course is aimed at equipping the  participants to know the DIGSI 4 operating program. They will learn how to adjust, manage, operate and analyse faults of SIPROTEC 4 devices using the DIGSI 4 operating program. They use DIGSI 4 program to configure and perform their own functions and control tasks.

Target Group
Users from electric utilities and the industrial sector interested in the commissioning, maintenance and operation of SIPROTEC 4 devices.

– Introduction
– Plant and equipment management
– Configuring of protection settings of SIPROTEC 4 devices
– Data management
– Parameter assignment
– Project planning
– Commissioning phase
– Checking inputs/outputs
– Simulating faults
– Analysing fault records
– Control of switching devices
– Interlocked/not interlocked
– Local/Remote control
– Graphical configuring of logic functions and interlocks with the logic editor CFC
– Graphical configuring of the default and control display with the display editor
– Practical application of all topics

3 days

Basic knowledge of electrical engineering.