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Category: Operation & Maintenance Courses

GIT OM1 – Process Control System (PCS)-Design, Development, Testing & Commissioning

The training program focuses on typical process control system (PCS) applicable in different facilities like offshore platforms, production systems, manufacturing systems and power systems. This course covers function of basic devices for measuring and controlling different kind of variables in process control.…

GIT OM2 – Fire & Gas Detectors and Analyser- Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Safety should be the first consideration for everyone, anytime, anywhere mostly in our working environment.This training is tailored to demonstrate knowledge of fire & gas detectors and process analyzers, their components and operation. It will demonstrate knowledge of the procedures used to install, configure,…

GIT OM4 – Substation Operation & Maintenance

Electrical substations form important nodal points in all power networks and can be of various capacities, voltages, configurations and types depending on what is the application for which the substation is being designed. This course will present a comprehensive capsule of all the knowledge essential for a substation designer …