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Category: Instrumentation Courses

GIT I1 – Instrumentation, Maintenance & Calibration Techniques

A Process can be described as a sequence of changes in a substance and instrumentation systems are a group of instruments or their application for the purpose of observation, monitoring or control. The training program focuses on the concepts and characteristics associated with industrial processes, process variables and Basic process control.…

GIT I2 – Safety valves, Pumps and Compressors: Selection, Operation & Maintenance

In all process industries, Safety Valves, Pumps and Compressors form major backbone instrument for all activities. Process controls, pressure generation/distribution, pneumatic actions and a whole lot of others are the sole responsibilities of these instruments. For the purpose of this course, we shall look at the principle of operation and maintenance of Valves, pumps …

GIT I3 – Process Variables (Flow, Level, Temperature & Pressure): Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

The objective of this training is to give the audience a basic technical overview and understanding of process variables technologies. The class will cover operational theory, installation considerations and applications, and where and how they should be applied.…